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Dog of Ethicka by BWH-Twilightdrifter Dog of Ethicka by BWH-Twilightdrifter
For the Animals of Ethicka collection; a land of human faced animals.


    1.       The picture is sketched out on cheap drawing paper (I need the ability to draw over background scenery and erase without leaving “dark parts” on the finished work.

    2.       I then shade the entire back of the drawing with a layer of graphite.

    3.       After the back is covered, I flip the sketch onto 9” x 12” (easiest thing to scan) Bristol board.

    4.       The image is then copied onto the board by pressing hard as I trace over the lines I want to keep.

    5.       The light graphite lines are covered by ink pen and the graphite is then erased.

    6.       With a Sharpie, I black in huge dark spots and all cast shadows.

    7.       Simple textures are then added to any surface that would benefit.

    8.       I shade everything at once covering surfaces with more and more ink as travel into the depths of the background.

    9.       For the benefit of my eyes (all the textures make edges disappear sometimes) I add a thin layer of Sharpie over all outlines.

    10.   Initial, flip, title, sign, and date

    11.   Now, it can be scanned.  For Devianart I scan in at true size, but I set the dpi to 600.  My scanners have all scanned in a lighter version of the real work so I turn to Corel Painter to make it match.

Fajaffa Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
I dont know whats going on here but you have piqued my interest.
BWH-Twilightdrifter Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The headlines can actually be translated.  I didn't feel like actually writing newspaper articles so the rest is gibberish, but it is all actual runes.  I wanted an other wordly look since all these human faced animals come from a place called Ethicka.
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September 28, 2013
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